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62-028 Koziegłowy
NIP 777-256-92-87
REGON 300649168
Tel: +48 785 050 722

Marcin Makarewicz - właściciel, ponad 15 lat doświadczenia w pracach w dostępie linowym, projekty onshore, offshore. 

IRATA level 3/58533
Blade B ( blade structure repair ) AMU SYD
MVOW blade repair course - entry level + intermediate level - Techcollage Aalborg
Personal safety working with epoxy and isocyanates – Amu Vest
BOSIET/ FOET ( Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training Incl. HUET )
CA-EBS ( Compressed Air Emergency Breathing System )
Full GWO ( First AID, Manual Handling, Fire Awareness, Working at Heights, Sea Survival )
GWO BTT – basic technical training ( electrical, hydraulic, mechanical )
OPITO Banksman & Slinger
GWO - Enhanced First Aid
GWO - Advanced Rescue Training - Hub & Nacelle
Confined Spaces safety work training
VCA (Basic Elements of Safety VCA)
Wind Turbine Safety Rules - ( RenewableUK )
EUP certificate - Electrical Instructed Persons (10/2021)
Electrical Safety EN 50 110/L-AUS - Denmark
Siemens Gamesa SE-P-85400 General Electrical Awareness (11/2021)
Siemens Gamesa SE-P-85695 Introduction to Lifting Bags
TETRA radio certificate
MVOW v164 evacuation course
Vestas basic turbine operation V112, V90, V80
ResQ Kresto and SKED training -Falck Belgium
HAILO HWS 01 L – Operation of ladder-guided service lift TOPlift L + H200 SL-L incl. Daily Check
Operation of Avanti Service Lift Model Dolphin
OGUK - Oil&Gas UK – Offshore Medical Certificate
Chester step test- medical fitness
Electrician Qualification E1- 1kV
A1 insurance certificate ( all country EU )